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1. Quality, Strong, Low-Cost
2. 100% Mold & Mildew Resistant
3. Chemical & Salt Resistant
4. Auto-Prunes Roots and Efficiently Aerates Soil
5. Significantly Reduces Transplant Shock
6. Easily Compactable
7. Easy to Clean for Re-use
8. Easily Storable
9. Extremely Light!
10. Compact Well Together to Maximize Growing Space
11. Weeds and soil-borne pests cannot penetrate the wonder pot
12. Square-Based Shape Provides Superior Stability
13. Soil Erosion Control and Flood Suppression
14. Reflective Material Keeps Soil Cooler
15. Unique Interchangeable Labeling System
16. Perfect for Novice and Advanced Growers Alike
17. Durable and Economical
18. Made in the USA 

  1. Quality, Strong, Low-cost: Wonder Pots are constructed from a high-quality spun-bonded non-woven polypropylene material.  The non-stretch, non-loft characteristics of its fabric make for a strong and durable plant container at a lower cost than conventional plastic or ceramic containers.

2. 100% Mold & Mildew Resistant: The Wonder Pot material is a non-absorbent, non-biodegradable material that prevents the putrefaction process.

3. Chemical & Salt Resistant: The stable, non-absorbent surface of the Wonder Pot makes it highly resistant to corrosive chemicals and salts in fertilizers and insecticides.

4. Auto-Prunes Roots and Efficiently Aerates Soil: Two very important factors that influence the health of your plant are: Proper soil aeration, and a robust root system.
Comes clean with little effort.
 Proper Oxidation of a plant’s soil is needed so that the plant’s roots can efficiently absorb water and nutrients.  Aerobic organisms which metabolize essential mineral matter in the plant’s soil depend on an adequate and consistent exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen.
The soil must maintain proper aeration for this exchange.  The soil at the core of a conventional ceramic or plastic pot tends to lack proper aeration because the pot’s solid exterior doesn’t allow for easy air exchange throughout the soil.  If proper aeration is not present in the soil, poor primary root development occurs, no natural root pruning exists, and more energy is devoted to lateral root development.  This results in an unstable foundation for the plant.

A plant naturally sends out a network of lateral roots to gather the maximum amount of water and nutrients for transport to the vegetation above soil level.  When the lateral root caps encounter the wall of a solid container, they are redirected and begin the process of “Root Spiraling.”  Root spiraling typically shortens the lifespan of a plant because it chokes the root system and prevents water and nutrients from reaching the primary root and vegetation of the plant.
A healthy network of root branching.
 The Wonder Pot solves the problem of root spiraling by aiding in the health and growth of your plant through a process called auto-pruning:  The Wonder Pot’s porous nature allows air to enter through the sidewalls and form a dry soil envelope surrounding a moist zone.  Lateral roots grow through the soil medium and find the tiny spaces between the fibers in the sidewalls of the Wonder Pot.  These root caps then grow through the spaces, thus exposing them to light and air, which dehydrates the roots’ tips.  

Because of the non-stretch quality of the Wonder Pot’s fabric, the expanding micro-roots then bottleneck as they try to grow wider and longer, while at the same time dehydrating and eventually breaking and falling off.  This process of auto-pruning teaches the plant to gauge the parameters of its environment.  The more auto-pruning that occurs, the more the plant wants to produce new roots.  This creates a stable network of root branching, building a solid foundation for the life of the plant.

The Wonder Pot allows roots to auto-prune without damaging the integrity of the container, and maintains a sterile soil envelope around the root structure, thus keeping your plant’s immunity intact to fight off pathogens.  

5. Significantly Reduces Transplant Shock:  because wonder pots help build a healthy root system within the core of the soil medium, lateral and tap roots remain intact during transplanting, unlike conventional plastic or ceramic containers.
A traditional pot causes tangled and spiraling roots.
6. Easily Compactable

7. Easy to Clean for Re-use

8. Easily Storable

9. Extremely Light! A 3-gallon Wonder Pot Weighs Just One Ounce: Tired of the mountains of plastic pots in your storage shed? Simply turn your Wonder Pots inside out, let dry, dust off lightly, machine wash with borax, and stuff or fold and store until you are ready for next use.  A 3-gallon Wonder Pot weighs just one ounce, and when folded, takes up approximately 2 cubic inches.  You can literally store hundreds of them in portable totes or boxes, helping you save space and organize your garden storage area.
Showing the "Dry Soil Envelope" just inside of Wonder Pot Edge.
 10. Compact Well Together to Maximize Growing Space: The square-based shape of the Wonder Pot allows for a honeycomb-effect compacting of the containers, which reduces the space needed in hydroponic gardens and tight indoor grow spaces. We recommend a 1-inch space between pots to allow for the auto-pruning effect of each individual pot.

11. Weeds and soil-borne pests cannot penetrate the wonder pot: The wonder pot does not allow common garden pests (such as grubs or slugs) or weeds to grow through the tiny spaces between the sidewall fibers.

12. Square-Based Shape Provides Superior Stability: Throughout the life of the Wonder Pot container, the sidewalls do not sag or cave in.  The Wonder Pot is square-based, which prevents less tipping than can occur with the conventional round-bottomed plant containers. 

13. Reflective Material Keeps Soil Cooler: Conventional planters that are dark in color may cause too much heat absorption in soil.  Because the Wonder Pot is light-colored, it reflects heat and light.  This helps maintain a more moderate temperature inside its container walls. Some light does penetrate the sidewalls, which helps create a sterile soil envelope and aids in the auto-pruning process.
"Auto Pruning" takes place at the point where the root reaches the edge of the pot.
 14. Unique Interchangeable Labeling System: Wonder Pots ranging in size from 1-gallon up to 25-gallons include a double-sided clear plastic label pocket attached to the side of the container, which makes identifying and/or categorizing your plants simple.  This comes in handy for multiple uses of your wonder pot because you can change out the label each time something new is planted.

 15. Perfect for Novice and Advanced Growers Alike: The surface tension of hydrated soil maintains appropriate moisture content, while releasing excess water to the tray below, and reabsorbing into the soil during soil evaporation.  Wonder Pots are perfect for the novice and advanced growers alike – it’s impossible to overwater.
Note:  Wonder Pots use more water on average than conventional plastic or ceramic pots because of the accelerated rate of plant growth, which causes active evaporation and increases relative humidity.

16. Durable and Economical: Consider the many disposable plastic pots and broken ceramic containers that end up in landfills every year.  With Wonder Pots, Recycle = Re-Use.  Wonder Pots are durable, lasting through multiple uses year after year.

17. Made in the USA

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